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Elevated VIP

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12 Month Group Coaching Program for

High Achieving Women in Real Estate

Get In Alignment and Watch Your Life Transform

  • ​Get Clarity On Exactly What You're Creating

  • ​Build A Bulletproof Strategy to Achieve It

  • ​Create More Profit While Having More Time

  • ​Identify and Eliminate Self-Sabotage

  • ​Receive Unmatched Support from Empowered, Inspiring Women

Become The Leader
Everyone Wants to Follow

When you shift, everyone and everything around you shifts. Imagine no longer feeling overwhelmed and burnt out and instead feeling lit up, energized, and consistently on track to reach your goals. 

You May Feel Like You Have To Do It All Alone.

It's normal to feel overwhelmed, especially as women, about all of the roles we have to fill. Together, we'll cover how to align to your higher purpose, find where your energy leaks are, and take action to create the most harmony in your business, as well as every aspect of your life.​

We create 100x more powerfully when we come together in community.

Elevated VIP Mastermind

Twelve months working closely with Rita and an intimate group of 10 like-minded, high-vibe women in real estate. This is an opportunity to surround yourself with a community of empowered people, all on a journey of self-mastery, leadership, creating lasting change and success, so that you can ultimately Rise Together.




 • 12 Months of Strategy to support you as you grow.


• 24 LIVE 2-Hour Group Video Calls where we strategize, share higher level ideas, overcome challenges and celebrate our wins.


• 4+ Expert Bonus Calls where we bring in top industry experts to share their knowledge throughout the year

• Online Private Group Forum to discuss material and get real-time feedback from your mastermind and Rita.


• A Personal Accountability Partner to support your progress throughout the twelve-month program.


• Unlimited Replay of all call recordings.


Victoria Harroun

" Working with Rita has been the best experience I've encountered. Support from the group has been amazing. It is like getting 6x the wisdom and counseling."


Shelley Greene

" I now trust my intuition, and self. I'm willing, open, more honest with myself and others. 90% of my time now, I am joy-filled."


Elsie Chaudoin

"My business comes to me Effortlessly because I am trusting in the process of just Being."

Have you struggled with...

  • How to create balance in your life?

  • Feeling overworked, exhausted, and unsupported?

  • ​Having free time for your family while still running a successful business?

  • ​Feeling in alignment with your purpose?

  • ​Living in a state of ease and contentment?

  • ​Knowing the right choice to take when faced with obstacles?

  • ​Self-sabotaging when you want to create a better experience?


Imagine instead...

  • Having a soul family of women to support and uplift you
  • Knowing that you are on track with your goals

  • ​Feeling inspired, at ease, and in alignment

  • ​Having enough time for your business and all the people in your life

  • ​Creating more profit, getting more clients, and navigating it with ease and joy

Elevated Mastermind is for you if:

  • You know the value of ongoing support to keep you on track, inspired and successful.

  • ​You want the support of an incredible group of like-minded women.

  • ​You're frustrated and don't know where to turn to get out of the old patterns of behavior that, in the past, kept you stuck.

  • ​You’re ready to commit to the best year of your life (This is a year-long container, so apply only if this is in alignment for you)

  • ​You want to receive individual coaching and benefit from the coaching of others in the group.


What if I told you having a thriving business doesn't mean working harder? What if I told you that you can triple your income while having more time to spend with your family?

What is it costing you to not invest in yourself and your future?


Hi, I'm Rita Marie Mendez

I’ve helped hundreds of real estate agents create wildly successful careers that are aligned with their values and purpose in life.


My mission is to serve people who are ready to step into the next best version of themselves and reach their goals.

You don't have to spend your time feeling stuck, overwhelmed, and anxious. My coaching is designed to give you the tools to eliminate those feelings and have a business and personal life that thrives.

What if I told you having a thriving business doesn't mean working harder? What if I told you that you can triple your income while having more time to spend with your family?

What is it costing you to not invest in yourself and your future?

November 2021 is sold out!

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