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Transform Your Business, Elevate Your Life:

A 6-Month Journey to 

Financial & Spiritual Empowerment

for Women Entrepreneurs

Starts June 2024


Enrollment Starts April 2024. Click here to be notified when enrollment opens👇

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Wealth and Wisdom

Welcome to a journey designed exclusively for women who are eager to shed the old patterns that have been holding them back. This isn't your typical coaching group or course. It's an experience tailored to weave together your personal growth, self-discovery, and the keys to financial freedom and empowerment.

If you've struggled with:

  Burnout & Overwhelm ~

I see this a lot - when women are out of alignment it's common to operate from fear and anxiety creating more overwhelm. You are less productive when you're overwhelmed and it robs you of your joy.

This is your sign that something needs to shift.

  Creating Consistent Results ~

Whether in your business or your relationships, this is something we all need support with. Wealth & Wisdom is designed to support you in achieving consistency in every area of your life.

  Fear of Being Seen & Heard ~


When you're not achieving in any area, this little talked about issue is very often at the root of your lack of results.


Maybe you don't make your calls, you don't go on dates when you want a new relationship, you hold yourself back in business or wealth creation by not asking for what you really want. When we don't have what we want we're afraid on some level.


You're not alone and we'll dive into releasing these fears in the program.


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  • Your business running smoothly and on-track with your goals

  • You work with amazing clients and consistently earn that which you desire

  • You’ve grown into the leader everyone wants to follow

  • Your new mindset and level of self-mastery and has become who you are instead of who you want to be

  • You’re confident in your team building skills and hiring great A+ people around you

  • The future you’ve always envisioned is now your reality and new normal!


Where You're Going:

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  • Double or Triple Your Revenue

  • Travel Whenever you Want

  • Create your Dream Business

  • Move to a new City

  • Call in that Relationship

  • Write the Book


    You start living your life authentically by rewriting your story in every area of your life. You claim your inherent worth, power and prosperity - and thrive.

    You work with amazing clients and consistently earn more. You've created financial freedom and now you're living life on your terms not being driven by scarcity and fear


Kathy Kleber
Keller Williams Team RED, WA

"The Breakthrough Mastermind was truly transformational. My beliefs around money and what I was capable of in business were holding me back - I was frustrated and stuck. Being a part of the Mastermind was a powerful experience and Rita challenged me to step up my game constantly. I made major changes in my staff and now feel more energized and less exhausted. I realized that life is meant to be lived to the fullest and now I am doing just that!

Screen Shot 2019-09-06 at 12.49.22

Sarah Asay
Real Estate Professional

"Joining Rita’s Group was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. My income doubled by week seven, my mindset is completely at a different level and I’m on fire in both my business and personal life. I seriously wish the entire world would take this mastermind!


Carla Clark
CEO, The Results Team

"Rita Marie Mendez has been one of my best investments in personal, growth and development. Her direct approach and ability to get to the root cause of reoccurring issues and then challenging me to take steps toward the changes I want to make in my personal and professional worlds have been life-changing. I would highly recommend her for anyone who is really serious about living their best life! 

What Clients Say...



  • You're ready to call in your vision for what you want to experience in 2024 and beyond

  • You’re ready to step into your multiple 6 & 7-figure business that you know is possible 

  • You have big goals and want high-level support

  • You want consistent results in your business + relationships and you’re ready to earn the money you desire

  • You’re ready to embody The Divine Feminine

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What's Inside of Wealth & Wisdom:


  • MONTH 1: Building Clarity + Creating Your Vision

  • MONTH 2: Clearing Mental Blocks to Your Success

  • MONTH 3: Mastering Your Money and Finances

  • MONTH 4: Engaging in High-Level and Powerful Conversations

  • MONTH 5: Attracting Ideal Clients and High-level Sales

  • MONTH 6: Transforming your Consciousness and Aligning yourself Spiritually to Achieve your Goals

What You'll Walk Away With:

Woman on a Deserted Road

  • Identify & Eliminate Your Energy Leaks

  • Adopting A Growth Mindset

  • Action Plan to Accomplish Your Goals

  • Personalized Business Strategy

  • Membership In A Network of Empowered Women


     Surround yourself with like-minded individuals who       share your aspirations and values. 

     True wealth extends beyond monetary riches; it             encompasses wisdom, knowledge, and personal           growth.

     Say goodbye to financial constraints and hello to         abundance

Hi! I'm Rita

Rita White Dress Head Shot.jpg

I'm the founder of The Stop Bending Over Podcast, Wealth & Wisdom, Elevated Masterminds, CEO Mastermind, Master Your Money Mindset Workshops and Breakthrough Group Coaching. 


Over the past 10+ years, I’ve had the honor to coach and mentor hundreds of clients supporting them in achieving six and seven figure businesses. I’ve helped them find more harmony, success and growth and release limiting beliefs that have held them back from having the life they desire.

I started on a journey of self-discovery in 1998 that led me to become a Coach and ultimately obtain a Master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica. I use business strategy, spiritual principles and mindset work to support clients in achieving their goals.

Here’s what I know – 

Your business only grows as much as you do. High achieving entrepreneurs master their mindset, are focused on their personal growth and work with coaches.


They focus on their why and their one thing and it all starts with a decision to live the life they desire.


My clients experience more productivity, work less, delegate more effectively and make decisions without drama.


It’s my honor to watch my clients create and grow fulfilling businesses, improve their relationships, and transform themselves into the leader everyone wants to follow.


I look forward to supporting you to both grow your business and create a more meaningful life full of happiness and joy.


Have Questions?

Book a Discovery Call with Rita

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Wealth & Wisdom

  • Energy-Shifting Processes & Experiences 

  • 6 Months of Soulful experiences + Strategy 

  • 3 LIVE Group Video Calls each month

  • Midway Retreat Live In-Person or Virtual (Date/Time TBD)

  • Online Private Group Forum  

  • High-level accountability and support 

  • Unlimited Replay of all call recordings

VIP Upgrade

  • Everything in the Regular Program


  • (4) 1-Hour Individual Coaching Calls with Rita Marie Mendez 

  • VIP Strategy Day (Virtual) Date: TBD 2024

  • 3-Day Women's Retreat Summer 2024 Gig Harbor, WA ($995 Value)

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