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Terms and Conditions

Congratulations on stepping into your leadership and joining Individual Coaching! 

I am delighted to have the opportunity to support you through this 6-month leadership + coaching program! I want to share with you information about the program and your rights as a client. If you have any questions we’d be more than happy to answer them, just email: 

THIS AGREEMENT (“Agreement”) is entered into and effective as of the Date of Purchase of Individual Coaching (“Effective Date”), by and between Student/Participant (hereinafter referred to as “You(r),” “Student,” and/or “Participant”), on the one hand, and Rita Marie Mendez and Rita Marie Consulting  (hereinafter sometimes referred to as “Rita Marie Mendez and/or “RM”) and their respective officers, employees, directors, members, agents, trainers,  assistants, guest facilitators, affiliates, designees, licensees, consultants, and other  representatives (sometimes collectively referred to herein as the “COMPANY”), on the other, concerning your participation in the Individual Coaching Program with Rita Marie Mendez (hereinafter referred to collectively as the “TRAINING” ). 


In consideration of the mutual promises set forth herein, Student and Company hereby agree as follows: 


You are joining the 6-Month Individual Coaching, which will include: 

✔ (1) 75-minute sessions via telephone or Zoom each month: These are Coaching Calls/Trainings with Rita monthly on business, strategy + personal growth. 

✔ High-level accountability and support through the program.

✔ Unlimited Replay of all call recordings.

✔ Full Private Voxer Support

✔ Unlimited Email Support

✔ "Emergency" Strategy Call (as needed basis)



To achieve maximum results, the Coach asks that the Client agrees to the following: 

  1. You commit to being honest and vulnerable, to lean into your edge, to take risks, mess up, learn from it and use everything for your growth and mastery because that is the path to success. You commit to creating a safe space to look at yourself and creating that for others in the program.

  2. You commit to showing up 100%, not letting fear be an excuse to hold you back from taking consistent action. You commit to showing up fully, taking personal responsibility and playing full out, really going for creating want in your business and life. 

  3. You understand the power of the coaching relationship can only be granted by you, and if something is not working, you commit to communicating that and making adjustments so you can take action in a way that is aligned for you. 


As your coach, I commit to not holding back, to showing up fully in support of you in having the most powerful, transformational life-changing experience possible.

By making the payment you have agreed to the following:

Payment & Payment Plans 

Client understands the following cost for Individual Coaching. Client can either choose to pay for this program in full (Paid In Full) or to make six (6) monthly payments. 




Monthly Payment Plan: $550.00/month for six (6) monthly payments with the first payment starting on the initial day of purchase. 


Client understands and agrees that upon signing this Agreement, they are responsible for the FULL payment amount, regardless of whether Client chooses the pay in full or payment plan option today. Client agrees to render payment via the credit card listed above, and, if the payment plan option is selected, Client grants Coach the right to automatically charge this card for the initial payment, as well as subsequent payments. 


If Client elects to purchase via the offered payment plan, Client agrees to abide by the rules and payments as explained herein, and understands how payment is to be deducted. Should Client fail to make timely payments, or if additional payments are not able to be charged, Client understands: (1) they will be removed from Program until such payments can become current, and Client will not be entitled to a refund of any sums already paid. Client’s decision to cease participation or use of Program for any reason does not eliminate Client’s responsibility to complete payment plan as agreed upon. Payment in full is required regardless of use, happiness with product or service, or results of Program. 


Coach is not liable for any payments that are not completed because: (1) Client’s credit card account does not contain sufficient funds to complete the transactions or the transactions would exceed the credit limit or overdraft protection of the credit card account; (2) Client has not provided correct payment account information; (3) the credit card has expired; or (4) of circumstances beyond control (such as but not limited to, power outages, interruptions of cellular service, zealous fraud protection rules applied by payment card brand or acquirer bank, or any other interface from an outside force). All payment is exclusive of any taxes or duties imposed by jurisdiction tax law. Coach will not be responsible for any taxes or duties owed by Client.

TRAINING: The TRAINING shall be delivered by COMPANY. The TRAINING includes three (3) 1-Hour calls per month via Zoom or telephone + private voxer support during the 6-month period over the course of the TRAINING (6-months) with Rita Marie Mendez. TRAINING  dates are subject to change at Rita Marie Mendez's sole discretion. 



There are a limited number of available spaces in the TRAINING. Upon Your enrollment, Company guarantees your space and may have to turn others away. You hereby acknowledge and agree that in the event of a no-show or any other reason you may not want or be unable to participate in said TRAINING, COMPANY does not issue refunds. 


​If You need to defer at any other time including during the TRAINING, You acknowledge and agree that Your space in and access to the TRAINING is not transferable to a third person and that You remain responsible for all remaining payments due under this Agreement. 


​If You wish to defer your enrollment to a later date, you must submit a request via email to with your reason for the request. Deferment is at the sole  discretion of the COMPANY and will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. You may only defer to the next round of the TRAINING. 


​If you are granted deferment, you will be responsible for continuing scheduled payments. In the event that the round you have deferred has increased in price, you will be responsible for paying the difference. Once your request has been approved, the COMPANY will contact you and set that up on a case-by-case basis. 


You hereby acknowledge and agree that, COMPANY does not issue refunds. 



You understand that You are participating in an educational program and associated educational materials delivered in a group format. Not all of the materials provided, and not all of the methods discussed will be entirely applicable for you or your particular business activities or personal situation.


You acknowledge that Rita Marie Mendez and the COMPANY cannot be aware of all the particulars surrounding your  business and individual actions; you will, therefore, adapt, to your situation and of your own volition,  any advice you receive or that you hear given to other participants.


You understand that the  information that you collect in the TRAINING will not be all the information that exists on the subjects  discussed in the TRAINING, but is merely meant to complement, amplify and supplement your  existing knowledge and your current work, and direct you to other available information.


You agree  that the COMPANY may, at their sole discretion, change, delete, add to and substitute the  educational content and materials of the TRAINING, and change, substitute, add to, or schedule  differently any portion of the TRAINING described in marketing materials or otherwise conveyed to  you.


You understand that the TRAINING is an educational process of seeing into yourself and others,  specific behavior patterns, and gain clearer, more intuitive knowledge. In the process of this  TRAINING, you may become aware of certain things and may make realizations and conclusions  about your personality or the personality of others.


You willingly choose to attend this TRAINING and  accept and take full responsibility for what you may learn, your actions, and feelings that may occur  during and after the TRAINING.


You understand that the COMPANY is not practicing any kind or type  of psychological therapy or counseling, and the COMPANY is in no way responsible or liable for the results or outcome that you may receive from the TRAINING. You understand that this TRAINING is not a treatment or therapy for any physical, mental, or psychological problems of you or of others.


COMPANY does not warrant or guarantee you will make revenue or achieve any particular level of success from your participation in the TRAINING. You expressly acknowledge that no promises have been made to you, either express or implied, verbal or written or otherwise, regarding any level of success you might attain, any income you might earn, any change in you or your client’s lives due to your participation in the TRAINING, or any fees you might receive back, including any deposit, tuition, taxes, or other monies you might have paid. You acknowledge that hard work and discipline are required to get the full value of the TRAINING. 


You hereby expressly waive and release any and all claims, now known  or hereafter, known in any jurisdiction or venue throughout the world, against RM and the COMPANY,  in any way related to your participation in the TRAINING, including but not limited to claims for  personal injury, emotional, psychological, or economic injury, property damage, or any other injury or  damage, whether arising out of the negligence of COMPANY or attendees of the TRAINING or  otherwise. You covenant not to make or bring any such claim against COMPANY and forever release  and discharge COMPANY from liability for such claims. 


To the fullest extent of the law, YOU shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless RM and COMPANY, and their officers, employees, agents, representatives, consultants, and contractors from and against any and all loss, costs, penalties, fines, damages, claims, expenses (including attorney’s fees) or liabilities arising out of, resulting from, or in connection with the TRAINING, including but not limited to the negligent or other wrongful acts of any third parties, such as attendees who participate in the TRAINING. 


The parties hereto agree that exclusive venue for any litigation, action, or proceeding arising from or relating to this Agreement shall lie in the County of Los Angeles, State of California, and each of the parties hereto expressly waives any right to contest such venue for any reason whatsoever. If You institute, maintain or otherwise bring an action against COMPANY outside Los Angeles County, California, You shall be responsible for all legal fees and expenses of the COMPANY incurred in obtaining a court order transferring the action to Los Angeles, California. California law shall govern all disputes between the Parties. 


The COMPANY reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to terminate the participation of any student in the TRAINING, at any time. In such case, the student will be notified of the termination, and the student will be required to return all content and materials from the TRAINING and will be prohibited from using such materials. 



You understand and agree that the COMPANY may choose to record audio, video alternatively, photograph your participation in the TRAINING, as well as record or document group conference calls and other forms of communication, both verbal and written during the time you interact with the COMPANY and the TRAINING (collectively, “Recordings”).


You consent to the COMPANY’s use of your name, image, likeness, appearance, city, and state of residence, professional designation or occupation, statements, testimonials, content, anything you may say or show, and your general participation, in whole or in part, in any such. Recordings, materials, and testimonials you give the Company or other derivative materials based on them, in any format now known or devised in future, in any geographic location, and you understand that the COMPANY will have the right to use the Recordings for educational, promotional and commercial applications, including but not limited to “for sale” products.


The COMPANY has no obligation whatsoever to use all or any part of your participation in such Recordings or review the Recordings with you and may edit any Recordings at their sole discretion.


You agree that the COMPANY shall own all right, title, and interest, including copyrights, in and to such Recordings, with worldwide rights to reproduce, distribute, prepare derivative works based on, publicly perform and display, advertise, publicize your participation in such Recordings, and use such Recordings in their sole discretion, without any input from you, or compensation or credit to you. We ask that all participants in the TRAINING refrain from taking photos and videos in the training room. You acknowledge that although we make this request, we are not legally responsible for students who might break this guideline. 


You understand that the COMPANY owns all copyrights and trademarks in and to the TRAINING including but not limited to all materials, written and otherwise, provided to you and the other participants in connection with the TRAINING. 


You are prohibited from using Rita Marie Mendez's  name, image, likeness, logo(s) or trademark(s) or written materials without written permission from  Rita Marie Mendez. You are not permitted to use any of the COMPANY’S copyrighted materials in  your marketing or for any other purpose. 


You understand that the TRAINING is an educational process and part of this process may involve learning, hearing, seeing, or general disclosure by the COMPANY, students, participants, and others involved with the TRAINING of certain information that may be considered confidential in nature, including but not limited to, personal stories, data, business plans, concepts for new products and books, etc (“Confidential Information”).


You agree not to disclose any such Confidential Information. Your obligation of confidentiality and non-disclosure shall not apply to information which: (a) is or becomes generally known to the public; (b) is acquired by you from a third party not bound by this Confidentiality Agreement; (c) is received from a third party authorized to disclose the Information without restriction; or (d) is required by law, regulation or valid court or governmental agency order to disclose.


This Confidentiality provision and YOUR agreement of confidentiality does not apply to the use of information by the COMPANY pursuant to the paragraph above labeled: YOU ARE ALLOWING THE COMPANY TO RECORD YOUR PARTICIPATION AND USE YOUR COMMUNICATION. The COMPANY will use its discretion in recording your participation and using your communications. However, the COMPANY cannot guarantee the discretion of those outside its control, and thus, all participants agree to confidentiality as defined within the paragraph. 


This Agreement shall be binding upon and insure to the benefit of the parties hereto and their respective heirs, legal representatives, successors, and assigns, without limitation. 

The parties represent and warrant that the signatory below is authorized to do so and thereby binds such party to the terms of this Agreement. 

This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement and understanding between the parties with respect to the subject matters addressed herein and shall supersede all prior written and oral agreements concerning such subject matters. 

This Agreement may not be amended, modified, or otherwise changed in any respect whatsoever except by a writing duly executed by authorized representatives of the COMPANY. 

Each party acknowledges that it has read this Agreement, fully understands all of its terms and conditions, and executes this document freely, voluntarily, and with full knowledge of its significance.

This Agreement may be executed in counterparts, including by facsimile or “pdf”, and such counterparts together shall constitute but one original hereof. Each counterpart shall be equally admissible in evidence, and each original shall fully bind each party who has executed it.

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