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Results Oriented Team Training

Do you lead a real estate team and want to hit your next income level? 
Do you feel your agents and staff have more potential than what they're currently producing?
Are you tired of settling for average results or worse, less than average?
Are you are ready to hit your goals?

We offer team training workshops focused on getting amazing results. This training is for team owners who want to build a team by building a strong foundation and creating a massive up-level in their business and profits.



This is for you if you...

  • Clearly see the possibilities for your team's growth. You've already had some success, but you know you're ready to take your team to the next level in a big way.

  • Desire to build a team based on organizational values that are proven in achieving top-level results.

  • Know the value of coaching and the importance of having high-level support.

  • Are ready to create a strong, cohesive team culture based on shared values and internal collaboration.

  • Are committed to improving + building the structure of your team.

  • Want to increase individual accountability that moves your team’s progress forward.

  • We will work together to clarify your purpose, needs and wants for The Team Training Workshop. We’ll get really specific about your goals and customize the training to fit your needs and achieve the desired results.

  • A team training workshop designed to teach, inspire and motivate you and your team to achieve the goals you and I create during our initial call.



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What to Expect

Your Outcomes

  • The team members will learn why they make the decisions they do       based on their own personal values. The training will give them the      opportunity to see their blind spots and overcome negative patterns.

  • A shift in the team energy to one geared towards intrinsic motivation and 100% responsibility so that each member is clear on their objective and the best way to execute them.

  • Learn about the current team cultural values and how these values      may need to shift so your team will experience what it's like to be   the top producer.


  • High-level performance coaching from a Mindset + Success Coach who coaches some of the most successful Real Estate Agents in the U.S. - giving your team the resources to perform at their peak potential.

  • A greater understanding of what needs to get done on a consistent     basis, so that the team achieves individual bests and exceeds team     goals!


What You Get

  • An in-depth pre-coaching packet to learn your background and study your business prior to our working together.

  • Two Zoom calls prior to the workshop to discuss deliverables, results, etc.

  • Individual Values Assessment (assessment to be taken by each team           member prior to the workshop) so that each team member understands   their strengths, and how best to contribute to the team’s overall success.

  • One 1/2 Day or Full Day team training workshop. Workshops are live, in-person and Rita will travel to your location.

  • One follow-up 60-minute coaching call to be used within 30 days following the workshop.

  • Email support for 45 days following the training.



“The time spent with Rita during our recent intensive workshop was powerful and insightful. I completed a one-on-one 1/2 day session with Rita that took me through a process of getting very clear on where I want to go and how I intend to get there.


The next morning, Rita met with my entire team to emphasize the importance of taking full responsibility for our actions as well as our intentions. As an organization, we worked together on personal and group goals and we are now committed to implementation that will take our business and our lives to the next level with regular accountability.


I can't imagine a better investment of time or resources for those serious about going deep in a way that raises the current ceiling on production, joy, and personal achievement.”


- Carla Clark, The Results Team

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