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Breakthrough Goal Academy

Achieve Your Breakthrough Goal in 90 Days


Virtual Group Coaching Program

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No Matter Where You Are, You'll Always Have That Next Goal.

You may feel like your goals are just too hard or they're not going to happen, but there's a reason why that goal keeps coming back in your mind over and over again.

I call this your Breakthrough Goal.

Finally Achieve Your Breakthrough Goal in 90 Days!

  • Get Crystal Clear on Your Breakthrough Goal

  • Eliminate Energy Leaks + Roadblocks

  • Create an Effective Plan of Action 

  • Receive Support to Achieve Your Goal


Breakthrough Goal Academy


(Three months) working closely with Rita. This is an opportunity to surround yourself with an intimate group of empowered people, all on a journey of self-mastery, leadership, creating lasting change and success, so that you can ultimately achieve your Breakthrough Goal.



  • 12 Weeks of Strategy to support you as you grow

  • 9 Weekly LIVE 2 Hour Group Video Calls where we strategize, overcome each members challenges and celebrate the wins

  • 3 One-on-One Individual Coaching Calls with Rita

  • Online Private Group Forum to discuss material and get real-time feedback from your mastermind and Rita.

  • A Personal Accountability Partner to support your progress throughout the three-month program

  • Unlimited Replay of all call recordings

Imagine instead...

Have you struggled with...

  • How to create consistent results in your business year over year?

  • You’ve worked hard, tried everything and see other people leaping ahead of you in business?

  • You get triggered by what other people say or do and your thoughts take up so much emotional space it gets in the way of your business?

  • Your to-do list never seems to get done and you’re in overwhelm most of the day?

  • That big goal – your one thing - always seems just out of your reach no matter what you do?

  • Your Breakthrough Goal already achieved

  • Your business running smoothly and on-track with your goals

  • You work with amazing clients and consistently earn a great living

  • You’ve grown into the leader everyone wants to follow

  • Your new mindset and level of self-mastery has become who you are instead of who you want to be

  • The future you’ve always envisioned is now your reality and new normal!

Screen Shot 2019-09-06 at 12.49.22

I just cashed a $44,000 commission check!


“Joining Rita’s Breakthrough Mastermind Group was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. My income doubled by week seven, my mindset is completely at a different level and I’m on fire in both my business and personal life. I just received a commission check for $44,000!”

- Sarah Asay

Managing Broker Ace Group

Keller Williams , WA

Breakthrough Goal Academy is for you if:


  • You’re ready and committed to achieving your Breakthrough Goal 

  • You’re ready to put in the work and claim the life you really want 

  • You’re ready to step into your multiple 7-figure business that you know is possible

  • You’re tired of watching other people do what you know you can do

  • You want consistent results in your business and you’re ready to earn the money you desire

  • You’re ready to embody your New Normal

  • You’re 100% committed to be coached to be more productive, efficient, profitable and transform yourself into the leader everyone wants to follow


Hi, I'm Rita Marie Mendez 

I’ve helped hundreds of real estate agents create wildly successful careers that are aligned with their values and purpose in life.


My mission is to serve people who are ready to step into the next best version of themselves and reach their goals.

You don't have to spend your time feeling stuck, overwhelmed, and anxious. My coaching is designed to give you the tools to eliminate those feelings and have a business that thrives.

Still have questions?

Click the button below to schedule a call with Rita to get all of your questions answered. There's no better time than now to achieve your goals.




To stop thinking seven-figure owners have something you don’t. It’s time to stop comparing yourself. It’s time to be done with bad hires. It's time to stop telling yourself you can’t have the life you dream of and wondering what you could do better.

Give yourself permission to step into the leader you are meant to be.


What if I told you having a thriving business doesn't mean working harder? What if I told you that you can triple your income while having more time to spend with your family?

What is it costing you to not invest in yourself and your future? 


The difference between the life you want to be living and your current life is simply yourself and your mindset.


90 days is all it takes to reach your Breakthrough Goal.

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